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Adrian Egli
Claudio Köser
Sarah Tschudin-Sutter
Stefan Niemann
Helena Seth-Smith
Veronika Boskova
Richard Neher
Corinna Glasner
Aitana Lebrand
John Rossen
Christian Beisel
Joao André Carrico


University of Cambridge, UK

What the public health specialist can expect from NGS…



Over the past few years, numerous proof of principle studies have demonstrated the advantages of NGS over traditional genotypic techniques. Yet despite these advances, the clinical utility of NGS for routine diagnostic testing has been overstated by many researchers and sequencing companies. The objective of this talk is to provide an overview of a modern diagnostic microbiology laboratory to analyse at a practical level where NGS might be cost-effective and to highlight were current techniques will remain the standard in the foreseeable future.