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University Medical Center, Groningen

Practical quality control for whole genome sequencing in clinical microbiology



Bringing next generation sequencing into the routine clinical microbiology laboratory implies that one have to fulfill several quality criteria. 
In our lab NGS has been accredited conform the ISO 15189 norm. QC and EQA as implemented in our lab will be presented and discussed.


Department of Medical Microbiology & Infection Prevention, University of Groningen, Groningen, Netherlands 
 Dr. John W. A. Rossen has a 25-year history in molecular microbiology and more than 105 peer reviewed publications (> 60 in the last five years; H-index 28). He is Assistant Professor at the University of Groningen, PI in the research group “Genomics for Infection Prevention” of Prof. dr. Alexander W. Friedrich and head of the molecular unit which has recently implemented the use of next generation sequencing for routine clinical microbiology and infection prevention. The method is used to determine the genetic relationship between pathogens (used to guide infection prevention measures) and for the molecular detection and further characterization of (emerging) pathogens. This includes analyses for revealing (new) antibiotic resistance mechanisms and for determining the virulence of pathogens resulting in improved risk assessment and infection prevention. In addition, based on comparing whole genomes of bacteria, tailor-made diagnostic tests are developed used for specific detection of outbreak and or virulent bacterial strains. Nowadays his research is focused on implementing metagenomics into clinical microbiology. Several PhD students, Post-Docs and technicians work together to investigate not only patient samples but also samples taken from animals, food and water - thereby realizing the one health principle in microbiology. Currently, Dr. Rossen is involved in the supervision of 9 PhD students. He is secretary of the ESCMID study group for genomic and molecular diagnostics (ESGMD) and treasurer of the Dutch Society of Medical Microbiology. Disclosure of Interest: None Declared