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ETH Zurich, Switzerland

Typing: Taming the beast



With the advent of sequencing, phylogenetic and phylodynamic methods
proved to be invaluable in estimating key epidemiological parameters such as
the basic reproductive number and the duration of the infectious period.
Furthermore, these methods provide an estimate of the total infected
population size, a quantity not easily measurable using classic epidemiological
approaches. These methods were in particular applied to sequence data of the
recent West Africa Ebola outbreak and the ongoing Zika epidemic in South
America. Besides between-host dynamics, the tools are also capable of revealing
within-host dynamics of chronic infections such as HIV or HCV. In my research I
focus on development of phylodynamic methods capable of handling large
datasets resulting from next-generation sequencing efforts, which contain
many biological sequence duplicates, and evaluating which methods are most
appropriate for sequence data being collected during epidemic spread.